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 AM: The visitors site of South Plazas  Island is located east of Santa Cruz Island, and forms part of two islands known as Islas Plazas. The landing is on the north coast of the island and has an area of 13 hectares and a height of 25m.
Landing here gives you the opportunity to explore succulent plants such as  Sesuvium, Portulaca, the second is the favorite food of the land iguanas. Also find a large Galapagos sea lions colony  that inhabit this island. On the cliffs located in the south - east of the island, there is a bachelors sea lions colony, mixed juvenile and adult old and retired
You can also see land iguanas which  are bright yellow. Throughout the island there are hybrid iguanas, a result of crossing a male marine iguana and a female land iguana,  marine iguanas amidst large prickly pear cactus, swallow-tailed gulls and cactus finches.
PM: Punta Carrion: Located in the northern part of Santa Cruz, you will have the chance to go snorkeling in these turquoise water and find sea turtles, white tip reef sharks, lots of fish and hopefully play with sea lions
Snorkeling gear included: Mask and fins, if you wish to wear wet suits, there are for rent 

Wednesday: South Plazas/Punta Carrion

Sunday: South Plazas/Punta Carrion

South Plazas