Sombrero Chino

Sombrero Chino Islan


Small Island located near the south - east coast of Santiago. It has the shape of a Chinese hat when seen from far. It is an island consisting of a cone type “Splash " (lava ejected in drops and falls near where it went , which forms a tilted cone) that forms the summit and many lava tubes that go down to the coast.

On the west side you can see formations pillow type lava, which are an indicator that flows formed under the sea and have been raised outward reason why coral heads are on the lava .

This visit provides an excellent opportunity for the interpretation of geological aspects such as lava tubes and lava flows. The trail is 700 m (round trip) and the minimum time it takes this walk is half an hour.

 Especial indications

Climb to the summit is prohibited. The lava flows of this island are extremely fragile and easily eroded.

• Chinese Hat is separated from the Santiago Island by a small channel of turquoise waters. The lava flow adjacent Santiago Island, not visiting area.

• It is very nice to do snorkeling near the shore of the island Santiago. There is a variety of marine species.